4 Steps to Begin a Successful Sales Meeting


There is arguably nothing more painful than walking out of a sales meeting wondering, "What did we accomplish? Now what?".

Most people would agree that ineffective meetings lead to frustration and wasted time. As a salesperson, it is essential to learn to run effective meetings in order to continue advancing through the sales cycle with your customers.

What's the best way to run an effective meeting? 

Open the meeting with structure and purpose.

What's the best way to NOT have a successful meeting? 

Dive right in and awkwardly flounder around, leaving any and all topics up for discussion.

The "PAOC" meeting template is a proven methodology used by sales professionals in tech to begin meetings.

Purpose - state the purpose/reason for the meeting

"The purpose of the meeting today is to discuss the project from a business perspective and how this project impacts your organization."

Agenda - propose an agenda for continuing

"We could start by discussing the project goals and the results you are hoping to achieve. Then we can discuss challenges you foresee. Lastly, I can share how our company has undertaken similar projects." 

Outcome - explain the benefit of following the agenda

"By the end of the meeting we'll have a better understanding of how we might work together and what next steps make sense."

Check - confirm agreement and understanding

"How does that sound? Are there other topics you'd like to discuss?"

Key Advantages the "PAOC" Meeting opening Gives You as a Salesperson

  1. Accurately sets and aligns your expectations with your customers'.

  2. Enables an effective use of your time and your customer's time.

  3. Demonstrates that you are professional and prepared.

  4. Helps to advance the sale.


This template can be applied to any situation where information needs to be discussed or transferred to others. Give it a try and see how it works for you.